"I wish I'd found you three years ago. I feel as though I've been wandering in the Mandolin Wilderness!"

(William, Skype Student in Michigan, USA.)

Keith Harris has been using the Internet to talk about mandolin matters with enthusiasts around the world for about four years now. Some of his longtime American conversation partners recently debated about how to describe what happens. Teaching is certainly part of the process, because Keith knows an awful lot of things which just don't occur in the books about the mandolin, but a lot more than just that goes on too.

Bob suggested the word coaching, and Linda and Alice quickly agreed, because the word seems more appropriate than, say lessons. After all, most people who contact Keith have been involved with the mandolin for a fair while. They don't want to throw out everything they have ever learned. Rather, they want to identify and understand habits they have acquired over the years, modify them if it seems like a good idea, and harmonize the new and the old into  ways to express musical ideas on the mandolin - or the mandola, or the mandocello...

Keith watches, listens, guides, encourages and makes suggestions based on his incomparable wealth of knowledge. The suggestions always take account of the individual. Everyone really is different - one size just doesn't fit all.

Empathy and interaction are what it's all about. For the last 35 years, Keith Harris has been teaching at seminars all over the world, but because of constant traveling has only had a handful of private students for his rare times at home. The Internet not only makes his knowledge and guidance available regularly anywhere on the planet, it also allows him the joy of constantly sharing other people's excitement as he helps them discover new things about themselves.

"You are the only teacher who again and again leads us to the real issue and analyses the problem on the mandolin exactly. And most importantly: you do this in such a way that we students can not only accept your judgement, but can also - under your guidance - make the necessary changes!"

(Hans, Skype Student in Vienna, Austria.)

The Internet has become such a regular part of our lives that even music lessons online don't seem like science fiction.

People like online lessons for all sorts of reasons... 

What about you?


"Keith Harris is the best and most patient teacher in the whole wide world. Truth."

(Alice, Skype Mandola-student in Texas, USA.)

Do you live a long way from a suitable mandolin teacher?     

In fact, this has sometimes been the reason for initially contacting Keith Harris. After the two free introductory sessions though, it ceases to be the reason.                                                

Do you want the best possible instruction on the mandolin - with your choice of teacher?    

Keith Harris' international reputation as performer and teacher guarantees his unsurpassed knowledge of the instrument. But it is his insight into other people's problems and remarkable skill in offering solutions that really make his teaching outstanding and unique.