Some of the differences between conventional and online (Internet) music lessons






Transport (conventional tuition)

Depending on the geographical distance between teacher and student, this can be a crucial factor. Travel can be expensive or inconvenient or both. This factor has to be considered along with teaching fees when calculating the cost of lessons.

You don't get wet feet with online lessons!

Transport (online tuition)

This is just not an issue with the Internet. The time to "get to the lesson" is the time required to turn on the computer and open the video program - probably a few seconds longer than waiting for one of the modern environmentally-friendly light bulbs to reach full illumination.

If you have a flat-rate, the time online costs nothing.

Choice of teacher (conventional)

Nowadays, there are in fact a few places on Earth where there are lots of mandolin teachers, but these places are still not very common. Let's face it: it's really not very likely that a suitable teacher lives just around the corner. And even if one does, people are sometimes prepared to accept a lot of inconvenience to have lessons with a particular teacher.

Often, of course, it's just impossible to reach any mandolin teacher at all.

Choice of teacher (online)
Because distance just doesn't matter with the Internet, you can now have lessons with any teacher on the planet who offers online tuition.

The choice of teacher is entirely up to you. Nobody needs to be sad about not having access to a suitable teacher.

Payment (conventional)

Fees for private music lessons have always depended on the expectations of student and teacher. A music teacher has the same living costs regardless of the method of teaching. An agreement about monthly, term or annual payment is usual - as with a fitness studio, for example.

You pay the same way as you would pay any other bill: cash, remittance, gold...

Payment (online)

The same factors determine the price as with conventional lessons. Distance is no problem, as there are now several ways of making long-distance payments easily and without large transaction fees. (PayPal is only one example.)

You pay in your own currency and somebody else worries about exchange rates if necessary.

Face-to-face contact

Of course it's nice to be ushered into a cosy studio and be presented with a cup of good tea.

What?!! Doesn't your present mandolin teacher serve you tea or coffee??!

Video contact

The only way to find out how it feels is to try it. That's one important reason why Keith Harris insists on two free introductory sessions.

Several students have literally said though: "It's just like being in the same room!"

A minor drawback: you have to make your own tea...