Keith Harris knows that the idea of using the computer for music lessons seems strange to many people. This is why he offers two free (and obligation-free) introductory lessons. If you then want to continue, regular one-hour lessons would cost:

Eurozone: €40.00

United Kingdom : £35.00

Australia: $Aus 90.00

USA: $US 60.00

Other countries by arrangement.

To find out more or to arrange for the free introductory lessons (of course without any commitment) - send an email to:

or telephone:

+49-6421-95 23 44 (landline)


+49-(0)152-0171 0353 (mobile)

Very important:

If you take advantage of the two free introductory lessons and then decide you don't want to continue, that's quite okay.

Keith Harris is happy to get to know people who are interested in his instrument, and besides, perhaps you might tell other people, or even decide later to take regular lessons yourself.