Here's a sample of a Skype lesson.  This lesson took place in Vienna - well, Hans was in Vienna, but Keith  was in his apartment in Germany.
The lesson was in German, so if you'd like to follow it from a written translation, please download this.

Keith Harris

This what Keith Harris' Internet students see on their computer screens when they have their weekly mandolin lessons with him - somewhere or other on the planet. Whether they talk about a pick or a plectrum, a plettro or some other word, he sees and hears every stroke they make, and gives expert and individual advice on ways to improve. Fingering, phrasing, rhythm, interpretation - every aspect of playing is treated, exactly as with conventional teaching.

People like online lessons for all sorts of reasons... 

What about you?

Do you live a long way from a suitable mandolin teacher?     

In thinly populated Skandinavian countries for example, where distances between people can be very great, modern technology has largely solved the  problem.

They have developed Internet teaching in many fields to a fine art. It works just as well anywhere on the planet, of course - in the middle of Texas, or Western Australia, or simply anywhere that a good teacher is needed but hard to find.                                                

Do you want the best possible instruction on the mandolin - with your choice of teacher?    

Keith Harris' international reputation as performer and teacher guarantees his unsurpassed knowledge of the instrument. But it is his insight into other people's problems and remarkable skill in offering solutions that really make his teaching outstanding and unique.